“The powerful and extensive MI reporting suite in Nexus gives managers at all levels the access to the data they need to make the decisions which ensure consistent optimal performance. Nexus strengthened controls, massively improved the customer experience, and reduced expense as waste was removed. This has been sustained by focusing on the metrics – What gets measured gets done.”

Head of Operations - Ageas Life

Nexus - Reporting & Analytics

The need in Operational Back Office for consistent FACT-Based MI for decision making at speed was the reason the software was conceived.

Nexus provides a powerful and extensive MI suite with data and trend analysis, from individual policy or staff-member level all the way to holistic views of key metrics across the Operation, provided in clear dashboard formats.

Real-time, historical and predictive data reporting and analysis provides a complete overview of how processes, individuals or teams are performing, regardless of skill level, channel or geographical location.

Monitor business performance and quickly take corrective action to rebalance workload based on incoming tasks, priority of work and skills availability of workforce.

Nexus gives you access to the data you need to make the decisions which ensure optimal performance of your entire organisation.

Key Features

  • Real-time, multi-level, multi-dimensional MI
  • Real-time, historic and predictive reporting capability
  • Reporting available for viewing, printing or exporting
  • View a ’snapshot’ of the operations MI in real-time in dashboard format
  • Case Enquiry for interrogate live cases
  • Measure quality and customer experience at process level
  • Create forecast plans and compare plans against actual process
  • Set-up and maintain user roles and access rights
  • End user definable reports for data-mining

Key Benefits

  • Optimise performance and process
  • Use data to continually improve company and team capability
  • Greater insight into current, historical and potential capability
  • Gives team managers more confidence to implement bigger changes
  • Use reporting to continually improve your customer service

Nexus - For Senior Managers

Nexus - From a UW Senior Manager's View

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Nexus software differs from other applications because experienced operational managers have developed the system as an easy-to-use, component-based, cloud-based applications suite for your operational managers.

We focus on providing the foundations of management practice, skills, behaviours and operational frameworks required to enable leaders to unlock operational efficiencies, improve the overall customer experience and achieve sustainable profitable growth.

The visibility and insight that comes with Nexus enables service operations to deliver consistently better outcomes and benefits to all stakeholders. Nexus is the key to unlocking long-term competitive advantage in Back Office service operations.

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