“There is also an almost metronomic focus upon deliverables – experience showed many initiatives become derailed, distracted and invariably diluted by attempting to cater for organisational sensitivities and agendas - if real change is what you are after, the Nexus Operational Excellence Programme delivers it.”

CEO - Large General Insurer

Nexus - Approach

Nexus delivers a step change in performance in back-office service operations, focusing middle management and front-line managers and their staff on the achievement of quality and defined customer service at optimum cost.

We split the initial phases of Nexus implementation into Measure, Implement and Manage phases, and then accreditate individual managers throughout the program.


Identifying opportunities to reveal potential

Each member of our expert team has real line management experience meaning that they really understand your business. They’ll spend the first 3-6 weeks on site to baseline your entire operation at a granular level

We review the key or large customer transactions and processes and record interdependencies to form a clear overall picture and to reveal the levers and drivers impacting your operation.

We begin to identify what your staff are spending their time on and  pinpoint hold ups, backlogs and blockages in your workflow processes.

"30% of the staff were freed for other activity – the programme paid for itself within 6 months as the benefits were both achieved and exceeded."

- Operations Director, Specialist Insurer


It’s time to regain control

We’ll make sure the right people are doing the right thing, at the right time and in the right way – allowing you to begin taking back control of your operations.

All too often, emphasis is placed on technology to deliver change. We frequently see organisations implement Excel tracking documents or hard coded workflow into the back-office without changing the behaviour and routines of the managers it effects the most.

Our system setup and implementation workshops are followed by embedding mandatory control frameworks into operations, to ensure a fundamental change in the behaviour of front line managers.

We believe that software should drive interaction and encourage people to lead, act and communicate. That’s why Nexus software has been designed by former operations professionals. Nexus has been developed around our own proven principles and expert knowledge of the environment it will be used in. Use Nexus to support continual improvement and to empower your staff to make real change.

"Nexus uses proven managers who can relate to both staff and managers using their own experiences to quickly deliver change. The pace of delivery is key and progress is measured in days and weeks, not months and years. If real change is what you are after, the Nexus Operational Excellence Implementation Programme delivers it."

- Chief Executive Officer, Large General Insurer


Upgrading your greatest asset

A critical stage of our programme fuses behavioural changes and Nexus software to unlock the potential within your managers. The result? A team that can inspire, motivate and perform consistently at a high level.

We don’t believe in theoretical environments and check-list accreditations – we prefer a hands-on approach, putting pragmatic advice into practice. By helping your team buy into Nexus, our practices and principles and instilling an ethos of continual improvement, we’ll empower each member to strive for and achieve operational excellence.

Our team will embed new behaviours and knowledge on-site and support your management team to develop the skills needed to leverage the tools provided. We also skills-transfer this knowledge to your internal teams

"I’ve been on many so-called performance management training courses and this is very different. The trainers are not just trainers, they are operations managers who will make you think very hard and support you in coming out of your comfort zone. They were also there to help me face difficult situations, and I am really seeing significant improvement in my team."

Team Manager, Sam Ashton

Nexus Method & Approach

Nexus - Taking Responsibility

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