Our unique approach fuses software solutions with management behaviour and creates the foundation you need to make a quantum leap in performance.

When describing what differentiates Nexus, Andrea highlights a depth of organisational understanding and empathy with people that comes from frontline experience in similar environments. “It was significant that the Nexus implementation team all had operational backgrounds in financial services.”

Andrea Waller
MD Public Sector Pension

The Nexus Operational Excellence Programme uses a combination of industry experience, operational management frameworks and our Nexus Work Management Software.

Nexus integrates with your existing systems where required. Its implementation and integration is delivered at speed but is also well-planned, enabling it to be adopted quickly.

Delivered in combination with our practice and principles of operational management methodology, implementation services and accredited training programmes, Nexus is designed to embed consistently better outcomes for all stakeholders.

A no-risk, no-obligation opportunity to outline current operational capability and determine areas where there is opportunity for service and efficiency improvements.

A Nexus diagnostic operations health check empowers you with the knowledge and insight for fact based informed decision-making.

Our no-risk solution is delivered and implemented on a fixed-time scale, fixed-cost basis.

A proven, comprehensive framework for managing the people, processes and performance of your service operation.

Nexus delivers a step change in performance - focusing middle management and front-line managers and their staff on the achievement of quality and defined customer service at optimum cost.

An approach which guarantees continued and sustainable improvement together with a quantum leap in performance.

The Nexus software suite is designed to work as a stand-alone system, integrated or interfaced with existing or in-house developed systems.

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Nexus software differs from other applications because experienced operational managers have developed the system as an easy-to-use, component-based, cloud-based applications suite for your operational managers.

We focus on providing the foundations of management practice, skills, behaviours and operational frameworks required to enable leaders to unlock operational efficiencies, improve the overall customer experience and achieve sustainable profitable growth.

The visibility and insight that comes with Nexus enables service operations to deliver consistently better outcomes and benefits to all stakeholders. Nexus is the key to unlocking long-term competitive advantage in Back Office service operations.

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