“We’re an ISO 27001 certified company, so we do have high standards when dealing with suppliers. Nexus were prepared to work with us with those high standards and really delivered the infrastructure that we needed, that was appropriate for our business.”

Kev Klamm
IT Director - Ageas Protect

Nexus - Integration

The Nexus software suite is designed to work as a stand-alone system, or to integrate or interface with existing ready made or in-house developed systems.

The implementation and integration of Nexus is delivered at speed but is well-planned, ensuring that it is adopted quickly.

Nexus has a proven approach combined with experience of different types of integration. We have developed a best-practice approach to integration which includes the knowledge of what to ask, what to look out for, and which pitfalls to avoid.

Key Features

  • Our implementation team will work with you to define the scope and functionality required, to design and implement the integration and provide support through user testing, acceptance and live running
  • All integrations are based on a proven method and approach to support one or multiple systems
  • Implementation can range in scope from a simple enquiry to an in-depth process integration with GUI and RPA tools

Key Benefits

  • Integration with existing systems enables you to hit the ground running and justify cost
  • Integration benefits team members who are familiar and comfortable with existing systems and processes and who may be sceptical to change
  • Without taking time to adjust and implement an entirely new system you can continue to deliver excellent levels of customer service

Nexus - I.T. Implementation

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