Everyone who has been through the Nexus process (even the “non-believers”!) has been totally bought into the approach and delighted with the results, which include better recognition for high performers, quick ways to identify barriers and deal with low and high performance levels.

Sara Charman
Operations and IT Director - MGM assurance

Nexus - People

Nexus automatically provides accurate people-specific MI aligned to industry best practice formula to measure, understand, manage and continuously improve individual and team performance. Remove subjectivity with powerful fact-based MI reporting and data.

Nexus supports the identification of training opportunities and skills gaps, and sets progression targets to encourage and empower employees and teams to grow and upskill. Nexus recognises consistent high performers and highlights best-practice in working methods

With Nexus, staff feel valued and engaged. They have greater understanding of their role, greater communication, and greater understanding of how they matter to the wider organisation.

Key Features

  • Accurate, people-specific MI reporting and data analysis
  • Reporting and MI anchored to industry best practice standards and formulas
  • Baseline and consistent salary review exercises can be carried out with factual data supporting salary and bonus appraisal
  • MI and reporting at individual, team or organisation level
  • View a ’snapshot’ of the operations MI in real-time in dashboard format
  • Real-time, historic and predictive reporting capability

Key Deliverables

  • Staff retention of the right people improves overall performance
  • Clear roles and accountabilities aligned to TOM
  • Role owners are empowered through interrelated data enabling them to ask the right questions and perform at the right level
  • Staff understand how their work impacts all areas of the organisation, leading to greater sense of empowerment and achievement.
  • Staff are able to access and achieve the correct training and skills
  • Encourages reward and recognition

Nexus - Taking Responsibility

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