“When describing what differentiates Nexus, Andrea highlights a depth of organisational understanding and empathy with people that comes from frontline experience in similar environments. ‘I’m sure it was significant that the Nexus team all had operational backgrounds in financial services.”

Andrea Waller
Managing Director - Public Sector Pension

Nexus - Public Sector

Nexus assists the public sector to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and provide transparency and insight to support back office optimisation requirements.

Nexus provides complete visibility of workflow and workforce, assisting public sector organisations to optimise, streamline and improve their operations.

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Problems solved by Nexus

  • Inaccurate or inconsistent data and MI
  • Leadership team need to be upskilled and improved to meet the needs of an increasingly competitive sector
  • Unmotivated staff
  • Poor or sub-optimal customer service levels
  • Need to complete more work without increasing headcount
  • Inefficient operations
  • High operational costs

Key Benefits

  • Unlock understanding of the customer experience through real End-To-End measurement and heat mapping data
  • Real-time reporting of internal and external customer touchpoints
  • Bring all complaints information together in one place, regardless of operational configuration
  • Take action from fact-based decision-making
  • Reduction in transactional costs  
  • Significantly improve EBITDA
  • Significant reductions in the cost of acquisition renewals and claims processing costs
  • Reduction in waste & rework
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of key customer processes and the progress of all work item from receipt to final completion
  • Demonstrate how teams and individuals follow and observe compliance with set service standards
  • Role owners are empowered through interrelated data enabling them to ask the right questions and perform at the right level
  • Staff understand how their work impacts all areas of the organisation, leading to greater sense of empowerment and achievement
  • Staff are able to access and achieve the correct training and skills
  • Focus investment on waste elimination, Generic User Interface & Robotic Process Automation, and correspondence material that delivers ROI to all stakeholders

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