Nexus brings proven methodology and a hugely experienced fresh set of eyes. It is a fast and simple way to see improvements that can be delivered in very few weeks and months.

Peter Thomas
Regional Managing Director - Capita Pensions

Nexus - Work Management Software

Nexus is the most comprehensive purpose-built work management software suite for any Back Office. Nexus acts as the ACD for the back-office, with comprehensive real-time reporting suit and end-to-end Customer experience performance tracking and insight.

Nexus provides complete visibility of workload, as well as team capability and availability, allowing team managers to allocate workload both in terms of staff availability (attendance) and capability (skills).

Greater visibility of workload and workforce helps team and operations managers to deliver service excellence at optimum cost.

Key Features

Offsite research phase to determine:

  • Customer motivations and transactional demand
  • Accountabilities, objectives and drivers of all key shareholders and stakeholders
  • Structure, headcount and set-up of back-office and interface with Contact Centre and 3rd parties
  • Operational structure and current TOM

Offsite research phase to determine:

  • Analyse existing information and content
  • Understand compliance needs where necessary
  • Determine site quality and operational capability
  • Undertake an operational management review
  • Outline opportunities for improvement under Nexus

All research from the site survey is presented to key stakeholders with recommendations, estimated timescales and costs.

Key Benefits

  • Simplified and optimised processes
  • Effective use of resources
  • Increased profitability
  • Ability to load-balance the back office in line with capacity
  • Makes sure team members are doing the right task at the right time
  • Team members can receive work regardless of location and work remotely if needed
  • Customer touchpoints are tracked across all channels, ensuring consistent quality of customer service and minimising complaints

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