“In many organisations I have led, the management tend to view the operational health of the business with slightly rose-tinted glasses, choosing to believe the operation is in better shape than in truth it really is. We have engaged Nexus to undertake an overarching operational review against their maturity model”

Darren Spriggs
Managing Director - Leading Life Insurance company

Nexus - Free Site Survey

Nexus’ free site survey provides a no-risk, no-obligation opportunity to evaluate your existing operational model and assess opportunities for service and efficiency improvements.

This enables you to confirm in advance the benefits and value-added created by Nexus, build a solution model and approach and calculate return on investment, all before making a purchase.

This is a light-touch approach, that has offsite and onsite interaction.

Key Features

Offsite research phase to determine:

  • Customer motivations and transactional demand
  • Accountabilities, objectives and drivers of all key shareholders and stakeholders
  • Structure, headcount and set-up of back-office and interface with Contact Centre and 3rd parties
  • Operational structure and current TOM

On-site research to:

  • Analyse existing information and content
  • Understand compliance needs where necessary
  • Determine site quality and operational capability
  • Undertake an operational management review
  • Outline opportunities for improvement under Nexus

All research from the site survey is presented to key stakeholders with recommendations, estimated timescales and costs.

Key Benefits

  • Understand your current position in relation to competitors
  • Understand where you are now and where you have the potential to be
  • Gain valuable outside perspective
  • Use data, facts and evidence to understand how to initiate change and achieve company-wide buy-in.
  • Pinpoint hold ups, backlogs and blockages in your workflow processes
  • Unlock where the opportunities are and the level of achievable benefit
  • Understand workforce operations and measure against best-practice

Value of a Diagnostic

Why Use Nexus?

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