“All our management team from team leader upwards went through performance management training to raise their own understanding of themselves and their performance in order to better manage and lead their staff – without such skills, in my view over time there is a danger of the old practices and processes returning.”

Managing Director - Finance and Accounting

Nexus - Training & Accreditation

Nexus deliver training and development for managers and team leaders using tried, tested and proven methodologies developed from industry experience.

Our accreditation and certification gives your organisation a proven, comprehensive framework for managing the people, processes and performance of your service operation. We want to see your people succeed and for your business to transfer into long term sustainability.

Nexus holds all of your training and accreditation information in one place, highlights skills-gaps within your workforce and ensures you have the visibility you need to improve and upskill.

Key Features

  • Our accreditation process has supported a growing portfolio of clients with over 400 managers responsible for over 3500 team members
  • Our expert consultants tailor the level of support required to succeed  
  • Training which focuses on organisation and resource planning
  • Solutions with method-based practices
  • Designed for sustainability
  • Designed to build confidence and capability
  • All training and information provided in an online repository
  • We can build in and adopt an annual re-accreditation and training new team managers process
  • Skills transfer to internals is an option

Nexus training focuses on:

  • Organisation
  • Resource planning  
  • Work allocation
  • Communication, connection and engagement
  • Managing business process
  • Removing ‘barriers’ and best practice
  • Performance Management buy-in and improving performance through trust

Key Benefits

With Nexus’ Training and Accreditation, you’ll gain:

  • Gain a clear, consistent and relevant understanding of competence and actions necessary to demonstrate sustainable practice
  • Gain the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver service excellence
  • Build confidence and capability
  • Identify skills gaps and understand how to improve/upskill

Nexus - Method and Approach

Nexus - From a Senior Manager's View

More Methods

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