We have improved the customer experience by eliminating work backlogs and streamlining processes such as claims and renewals which have improved our customer satisfaction scores.

Martin Totty
Managing Director - Specialist Insurer

Nexus - End-to-End Customer Experience

Nexus work management software is designed to bring the customer experience to the forefront of your business. Nexus is designed to increase insight into the customer journey, allowing you to optimise and improve your systems, operations and processes.

Nexus offers complete, end-to-end visibility of the customer experience. Nexus tracks all customer touchpoints and brings all customer information together in one place. It identifies elapsed time for both internal and external touchpoints and illustrates areas for improvement.

Nexus offers fully customisable complaints frameworks and root cause analysis to enable staff to achieve the best resolution for the customer every time.

Key Features

  • Real-time reporting of internal and external customer touchpoints
  • Bring all complaints information together in one place, regardless of operational configuration

Nexus provides end-to-end heatmapping data for:

  • KPI performance reporting
  • Industry best practice metrics
  • Reason for complaints
  • Demonstrating where internal and external elapsed time can be reduced
  • Identifying upstream and downstream failure demand as well as real cause and effect

Key Benefits

  • Become the benchmark for excellent customer service
  • Encourage repeat custom and limit customer complaints
  • Enables and empowers team members to deliver excellent customer service at every customer touchpoint
  • Encourage de-escalation of customer complaints to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Deliver consistently excellent service to your customers even during your busiest times

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