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“Delivers a sustainable foundation for future growth”

Overall my experience of Nexus is that ‘it does what it says on the tin’ - it will produce a significant step change in performance, it will deliver a better customer….

Darren Spriggs, MD of Leading Life Insurance company

The new battlefield

Although significant investment is made in acquiring and retaining customers, this is increasingly
becoming more difficult to achieve. The ability to deliver both requires a commitment to improve
service levels, demonstrate compliance and deliver at a lower cost base.

Rapid adoption of technology, increasing regulation, changing customer behaviour and a
requirement to operate within tighter margins just to compete are combining to disrupt traditional
customer service models.

Operations seeking to deliver genuine transformation recognise that the back-office operations will
provide a pivotal role in creating service differentiation and represents the greatest opportunity for
reduction in overall Operational cost. The Back Office is the key battleground for the future and
those Operations implementing the right back office strategy will position themselves well ahead of
their competition.

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Results that matter

Significant investment is made in acquiring customers and retaining them. The back office represents the largest opportunity for significant improvements in customer experience and cost reduction.

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    ✓ 40% cost savings, 6 month ROI
    ✓ Work Elimination
    ✓ Service delivery consistency
    + 4 more
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Case Study: Cost savings and service improvements needed at speed

Leading outsource pensions provider needed to recover a distressed bottom line profit and service degradation, they had limited capability or tools to create traction and improve at speed.

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    ✓ In-year ROI over 200% and
    ✓ 30% reduction in cost bases.
    ✓ Capacity enabled 145% more NB premium year on year at no increase in resources over 24 months.
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Case Study: Profitable growth, creating capacity to do more for the same or less.

A leading life insurance company recognised that their cost of acquisition, renewals servicing and claims processing were all over the target. The main objective was achieving an aggressive 3-year growth plan.

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    ✓ 30% cost savings, in year ROI
    ✓ Work Elimination
    ✓ Debt age and volume reduction
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Case Study: Redesign inefficient processes, eliminate waste, improve service experience and increase operational efficiency

Our client a leading utility service provider with outsourced collections and F&A back-office functions needed to change their organisation's structure and approach to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness levels and reduce costs, ready to compete in a growing market with agile new entrants.

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    ✓ 30% cost savings, 6 month ROI
    ✓ Performance management accreditation
    ✓ Service delivery consistency
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Case Study: Limited investment historically in middle management in terms of tools, skills and capability training – ROI exceeded

Our Client, the 2nd largest Public sector Pension portfolio in the UK had to streamline processes, introduce much-needed metrics, overhaul performance management and quality framework whilst fundamentally changing the middle management day-to-day operating models and routines.

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