“Qualitatively we have improved the customer experience by eliminating work backlogs and streamlining processes such as claims and renewals which have improved our customer satisfaction scores. We have improved our organisation capability by managing to operational KPIs, setting more ambitious performance targets and up-skilling management by training in performance management techniques. We’ve set an expectation of high standards of operational performance and something that benchmarks well in our market.”

Martin Totty
Managing Director – Specialist Insurer

Nexus - Customer Experience

As the director of customer experience or operational excellence do you currently have the data, visibility and insight to facilitate increased service delivery and improved customer experience?

Customer service processes are often outdated systems that drive the customer service rep to complete a process in a particular way, or send certain letters or documents. But customer needs continually shift and change. Customer expectations have risen, and both improved direct and indirect competition has set higher customer expectations.

Nexus provides visibility and insight into every customer touchpoint, holds all customer information in one central repository, and assists customer service quality control to minimise and quickly resolve complaints and issues.

Key Features

  • Unlock understanding of the Customer Experience through real End-To-End measurement and heatmapping data
  • Real-time reporting of internal and external customer touchpoints
  • Bring all complaints information together in one place, regardless of operational configuration

Nexus provides end-to-end heatmapping data for:

  • KPI performance reporting
  • Industry best practice metrics
  • Reason for complaints
  • Demonstrating where internal and external elapsed time can be reduced
  • Identifying upstream and downstream failure demand as well as real cause and effect

Key Deliverables

  • Visibility and insight as to why customers really contact the service operation and what actually needs to be undertaken to resolve first time.
  • Transparency of the cycle time for claims and other key processes
  • Delivering performance consistency in the areas that count
  • Illustrates what drives customer complaints over multiple touchpoints
  • Understanding of how processes can be re-engineered to deliver long-term improved service, not just short-term costs delivery
  • Understanding of why a Customer makes contact through identifying what activities have happened up and downstream of key processes
  • Pin-point complaint root cause and understand upstream tasks that can be re engineered to proactively stop this
  • Understand what level of workload outstanding or days elapsed time will generate chasers in the call centre and complaints
  • Measure how many calls are received as a result of a process defect
  • Identify added-value touchpoints and understand how to invest in delivering more consistently in these areas
  • Understand how to limit customer touchpoints by making all necessary information available upfront

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