Following Nexus implementation, an external audit review was undertaken. Desired outcomes were achieved with a positive and improved rating sign off and equally as important the written acknowledgement the system and framework were the foundation for the business to sustain and drive for continuous improvement.

Managing Director – Capita Pensions Administration

Nexus - Risk Mitigation

Reduce risk and compliance issues with Nexus.

Operational teams are constantly faced with increased regulatory requirements and heightened customer expectations. They are required to set action plans, demonstrate progress and process improvement, as well as evidence successful risk mitigation.

Nexus provides operational teams with greater visibility and insight into workload, workforce, processes and systems to help evidence risk compliance and mitigate risk levels.

Key Features

  • Report progress of training and hold all training information in one place
  • A balanced set of measures and KPI metrics provided from individual level, to team and division
  • Detailed MI reporting of historical, real-time and predictive data
  • Quality, risk losses and complaints MI, anchored to BPI and RCA frameworks
  • Unique and extensive MI drill-down by process, person and error attribute that gives rich insight into processes, operations and risk of failure

Key Deliverables

  • Use heatmap data to improve your customer experience model
  • Take action from fact-based decision-making
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of key customer processes and the progress of all work item from receipt to final completion
  • Demonstrate how teams and individuals follow and observe compliance  with set service standards
  • Understand and identify conflicting task priorities, Quality results, T&C, Primary and Secondary controls, process improvement initiatives and complaint handling
  • Quickly identify skills deficits and training and competence needs
  • Provide detailed MI reporting for process audits
  • Forecast capacity planning to avoid failure demand
  • Be viewed as being in control by Audit and Compliance

Nexus - I.T. Implementation

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