“Nexus hugely simplified many cumbersome processes and an over-complex operating model which split work in a sub-optimal way between the UK and India. Prior to Nexus there was no visibility of how much work there was, at what point it was in the process or how well individuals and teams were performing.”

Peter Thomas
Regional Managing Director - Capita Pensions

Nexus - Omni-Channel

Nexus is a complete, end-to-end and omni-channel work allocation system. All work items, irrespective of channel or location, are compiled into one centralised view and sorted by type, priority, complexity, cost, as well as estimated time to complete.

Nexus captures a real-time single view of all work from all sources including telephones, social media, text, websites, email and scanned white mail.

With Nexus, all work items, irrespective of type, channel or geographical location, are assembled into one centralised view. Work is then assigned based on staff availability and competency.

Each case and task can be tracked throughout the end-to-end process to produce a comprehensive audit trail, historic and predictive management information and complete visibility of multi-channel workload and workforce.

Key Features

  • Delivers a centralised view of all work types regardless of source, across multiple hierarchies and geographical locations
  • Manual or automatic work allocation
  • Allows transactional back offices to capture multi-channel inputs
  • Allocate workload to available staff in terms of availability and capability
  • Allocate tasks in real-time to the most applicable resources to meet SLAs, customer satisfaction targets and compliance requirements
  • Turns work volumes and items into hours
  • Case management and visibility of status which can be viewed by users in the contact centre
  • Ability to track delivery of service standards
  • SLA Tracking by case, task & process

Key Benefits

  • Simplified and optimised processes
  • Effective use of resources
  • Increased profitability
  • Ability to load-balance the back office in line with capacity
  • Makes sure team members are doing the right task at the right time
  • Team members can receive work regardless of location and work remotely if needed
  • Customer touchpoints are tracked across all channels, ensuring consistent quality of customer service and minimising complaints

Nexus - The System

Nexus - Catalyst To Change

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This Download illustrates the Core Work Management system and the added value modules available.

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Nexus software differs from other applications because experienced operational managers have developed the system as an easy-to-use, component-based, cloud-based applications suite for your operational managers.

We focus on providing the foundations of management practice, skills, behaviours and operational frameworks required to enable leaders to unlock operational efficiencies, improve the overall customer experience and achieve sustainable profitable growth.

The visibility and insight that comes with Nexus enables service operations to deliver consistently better outcomes and benefits to all stakeholders. Nexus is the key to unlocking long-term competitive advantage in Back Office service operations.

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