Overall my experience of Nexus is that 'it does what it says on the tin' - it will produce a significant step change in performance, it will deliver a better customer experience and it will significantly reduce costs but importantly in a way that delivers a sustainable foundation for future growth.”

Darren Spriggs, MD of Leading Life Insurance company

How to gain competitive advantage

David Scott explains why back office optimisation underpins competitive advantage and how its transformation reaps significant rewards regardless of sector or commercial environment.

The Nexus software suite is the most comprehensive, purpose built enterprise workforce optimisation software solution available for the back office.

Nexus is proven to improve customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency and evidence compliance across a range of industry sectors.

Results that matter

Significant investment is made in acquiring customers and retaining them. The back office represents the largest opportunity for significant improvements in customer experience and cost reduction.

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    ✓ 40% cost savings, 6 month ROI
    ✓ Work Elimination
    ✓ Service delivery consistency
    + 4 more
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Case Study: Cost savings and service improvements needed at speed

Leading outsource pensions provider needed to recover a distressed bottom line profit and service degradation, they had limited capability or tools to create traction and improve at speed.

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    ✓ In-year ROI over 200% and
    ✓ 30% reduction in cost bases.
    ✓ Capacity enabled 145% more NB premium year on year at no increase in resources over 24 months.
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Case Study: Profitable growth, creating capacity to do more for the same or less.

A leading life insurance company recognised that their cost of acquisition, renewals servicing and claims processing were all over the target. The main objective was achieving an aggressive 3-year growth plan.

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