Overall my experience of Nexus is that 'it does what it says on the tin' - it will produce a significant step change in performance, it will deliver a better customer experience and it will significantly reduce costs but importantly in a way that delivers a sustainable foundation for future growth.”

Darren Spriggs, MD of Leading Life Insurance company

How to gain competitive advantage

David Scott explains why back office optimisation underpins competitive advantage and how its transformation reaps significant rewards regardless of sector or commercial environment.

The Nexus software suite is the most comprehensive, purpose built enterprise workforce optimisation software solution available for the back office.

Nexus is proven to improve customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency and evidence compliance across a range of industry sectors.

Overview of Our Case Studies

Nexus software suite is used by leading Wealth Management & SIP providers helping to restructure the Operational model, optimise the operations expense base, improve service delivery and NPS scores, manage Exceptions, evidence compliance and mitigate operational risk.

Nexus software and rigorous implementation methodology identifies where waste can be eliminated. It improves efficiency in a complex multi-stage pension administration function while materially improving customer experience and compliance.

Utilities face a unique set of challenges and their performance is highly tied to the efficiency of the Operation. As the market matures, Utility providers that can streamline the back office and deliver exceptional customer experience at the correct cost will stand out from the crowd.

Nexus software and rigorous implementation methodology provides visibility and insight into efficiency improvements in complex new business, underwriting and multi-servicing functions.

In health and speciality insurance operations, Nexus helps to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and optimise the back-office.

Nexus assists the public sector to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and provide transparency and insight to support back-office optimisation requirements.

Nexus software is used by major General Insurance providers of travel, pet, car and home products. Nexus provides visibility and insight into substantial efficiency improvements, identifies where waste can be eliminated and improves customer experience and staff engagement.

Nexus provides greater transparency, visibility and control of front and back-office operations. Our outsourcing clients are seeing quantum leaps in operational performance metrics.

Some Of Our Clients

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Nexus software differs from other applications because experienced operational managers have developed the system as an easy-to-use, component-based, cloud-based applications suite for your operational managers.

We focus on providing the foundations of management practice, skills, behaviours and operational frameworks required to enable leaders to unlock operational efficiencies, improve the overall customer experience and achieve sustainable profitable growth.

The visibility and insight that comes with Nexus enables service operations to deliver consistently better outcomes and benefits to all stakeholders. Nexus is the key to unlocking long-term competitive advantage in Back Office service operations.

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