The Nexus diagnostic was a valuable exercise in ‘Holding up the mirror' and getting a pragmatic and realistic appraisal as to the health and effectiveness of our multiple-site operation. - the question will most likely be  armed with the resulting information: does the organisation have the determination, commitment and skills to deliver best-practice in the operational teams without Nexus?

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Nexus - Diagnostic Operations Health Check

The foundation for better decision-making.

A Nexus diagnostic provides a health check of your organisation and empowers you with the knowledge you need to invest in the solutions to increase your operational performance.

Using our end-to-end operational maturity model and methodology, we analyse your current operation to find opportunities that support you in building a business case to identify specific evidence-based solutions.

It’s not just about delivery, it’s about achieving real sustainability and longevity – Our unique process gives you a roadmap to understand the benefits of our solutions and paints a picture of the future that will help you achieve company-wide buy in.

Key Features

  • Benchmarking against IBP standards defined in an extensive operational maturity model, used for outsourcing, due diligence and acquisition
  • Analysis of your current position benchmarked against how well operational frameworks have been conceived and implemented vs. the implementation and execution of the operational management team  
  • Analysis of areas for operational improvement, change or growth in areas such as work management routines, process design, industry metrics by function, management routines, leadership capability and frameworks such quality, forecasting and complaints
  • Analysis of workload and workforce efficiency
  • Findings presented in a clear, easy-to-understand format
  • An evidence-based business case centred around data and facts
  • High level of MI from planning and MI team/individuals

Key Benefits

  • Understand your current position in relation to competitors
  • Understand where you are now and where you have the potential to be
  • Gain valuable outside perspective
  • Use data, facts and evidence to understand how to initiate change and achieve company-wide buy-in
  • Pinpoint hold ups, backlogs and blockages in your workflow processes
  • Unlock where the opportunities are and the level of achievable benefit
  • Understand workforce operations and measure against best-practice

Value of a Diagnostic

Why Use Nexus?

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