“Following Nexus implementation, an external audit review was undertaken to assess sustainability. Desired outcomes were achieved with a positive and improved rating sign-off. The Nexus system and framework were acknowledged as providing the foundation for the business to sustain and drive for continuous improvement.”

Managing Director - Capita Pensions Administration

Nexus - Quality

Nexus is the only Work Management system with a fully integrated and automated Quality Control (QC) and Quality Sampling standards system.

Quality Checking is set to each staff member skill level, by specific task Quality Sampling is determined by the risk appetite and sampling % set to each task/process and identified with a built in algorithm, where staff with fully competent skills have completed work

Nexus provides fully integrated task and process-specific checklists, and generates quality reporting by process, task, person or attribute, and rework items. Nexus also captures error reporting on tasks that have the requirement for immediate authorisation where error tracking and feedback is rarely recorded.

Nexus offers a bespoke, customisable set of quality checklists linked to process, task and business requirement. It provides a unique and extensive MI drill-down by process, person and error attribute that gives rich insight into processes, operations and risk of failure.

MI reporting at autonomy level is also available for Underwriting, Claims and Actuarial functions.

Nexus provides a comprehensive audit reporting function which has been developed and used by compliance and internal audit operations.

Key Features

  • Bespoke and customisable quality checklists
  • Fully automated and integrated quality control checking
  • Quality, risk losses and complaints MI, anchored to BPI and RCA frameworks
  • Fully integrated and fully-customisable task and process-specific checklists
  • Customise task and process checklist in line with company Quality Framework
  • Quality

Key Benefits

  • Gain clarity, consistency and visibility of workload and workforce
  • Quickly identify skills or process deficits as well as areas for improvement
  • Real-time information enables team managers to take corrective action quickly
  • Quality score reporting enables your team managers to identify quality root cause issues associated with both tasks and individuals
  • Quality control feedback encourages individual accountability for all tasks
  • Increase quality standards and ensure all work that is completed is high-quality
  • Regular Quality feedback encourages and enables customer service representatives to deliver excellent customer service at every customer touchpoint

Nexus - The System

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Nexus software differs from other applications because experienced operational managers have developed the system as an easy-to-use, component-based, cloud-based applications suite for your operational managers.

We focus on providing the foundations of management practice, skills, behaviours and operational frameworks required to enable leaders to unlock operational efficiencies, improve the overall customer experience and achieve sustainable profitable growth.

The visibility and insight that comes with Nexus enables service operations to deliver consistently better outcomes and benefits to all stakeholders. Nexus is the key to unlocking long-term competitive advantage in Back Office service operations.

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