Nexus brings proven methodology and a hugely experienced fresh set of eyes. It is a fast and simple way to see improvements that can be delivered in very few weeks and months.

Peter Thomas
Regional Managing Director - Capita Pensions

Nexus - Fixed Cost & Time

Nexus is delivered on a fixed-time scale basis, as well as being implemented at fixed-cost.

Upon consultation, we will set a fixed cost and fixed timescale for the implementation of Nexus; neither of which will exceed estimations. This enables us to guarantee that implementation of Nexus happens on-budget and on-time.

Upon the completion of a site survey, we guarantee a benefits improvement, which in most cases exceeds 20%, combined with other balanced operational metric improvements.

Key Features

  • We can project manage Nexus implementation, or it can be skill-transferred to your internal implementation teams after a phased implementation and pilot sign off
  • Nexus can continue to project manage and assist your teams, working with live data to measure, understand and control outcomes
  • Nexus is designed to integrate with and complement in-house or existing systems where necessary
  • Management accreditation aligned to IBP practices and principles of operational management frameworks

Key Benefits

  • Nexus’ fixed-cost and fixed-time scale guarantee lowers risk factors of implementation
  • Ability to measure, understand and control implementation outcomes
  • A no-risk, no-obligation approach
  • Shape the solutions and understand the costs upfront
  • Build a robust business case and target ROI

Value of a Diagnostic

More Methods

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