Nexus is the most comprehensive purpose-built work management software suite for any Back Office.

"Our Operational Excellence Programme was a clear success and measured by over-delivery of all its targeted benefits, within budgeted cost and ahead of time. We have driven out annualised cost savings well ahead of our plan. Qualitatively we have improved the customer experience by eliminating work backlogs and streamlining processes such as claims and renewals which have improved our customer satisfaction scores. We have improved our organisation capability by managing to operational KPIs, setting more ambitious performance targets and up-skilling management by training in performance management techniques. We’ve set an expectation of high standards of operational performance and something that benchmarks well in our market."

Martin Totty
MD Specialist Insurer

How to gain competitive advantage

David Scott explains why back office optimisation underpins competitive advantage and how its transformation reaps significant rewards regardless of sector or commercial environment.

The benefits and outcomes of Nexus go beyond just keeping pace and maintaining market share.

Nexus also encourages and enables organisations to obtain competitive advantage in service operations.

The visibility and insight that comes with Nexus enables service operations to deliver better, consistent outcomes - the key to unlocking long-term competitive advantage.

Facilitates enhanced service delivery – improving overall customer experience by increasing visibility and insight.

Reduce risk and compliance issues.

Staff understand their role. They feel valued and engaged through greater communication and insight.

Increase new business growth, solid policy retention and optimised cost base.

Having visibility and insight enables service operation to deliver better, consistent outcomes.

Key Features

Nexus provides:

  • High performance throughout your operation with a defined, tested and documented Operational Management Framework
  • Defined and aligned consistent metrics allowing visibility and control for all levels of management
  • Fact based, robust management information with an extensive fully-integrated historic and real time hierarchical report suite
  • Active management and control of quality, losses and risk through built-in risk-based frameworks.
  • Intense focus on the key processes that negatively impact on the operation achieving long term sustainability and continuous improvement
  • Optimum resource utilisation through improved short- and long-term planning and forecasting

Key Benefits Our Customers Talk About

  • Typically 20%+ capacity improvements by the end of implementation
  • Improved customer service outcome measures such as Financial Services 5 star awards, Net Promoter Scores and reductions in complaint volumes.
  • Speed of benefit delivery which is typically within the first 10 –12 weeks of measurement implementation
  • We have never delivered less than +145% ROI in 12 months

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