“Nexus has resulted in a significant change within the organisation. Senior management have greater visibility and understanding of the day to day operational process, and more importantly the outcomes associated with them.”

Peter Thomas
Operations Director - Ageas Protect

Nexus - Optimised Cost Base

Increased New Business Growth and solid policy retention and optimised cost base

Nexus - Taking Responsibility

Nexus - Benefits Delivered

Benefits - Outcomes Sustained

Nexus - Benefits Delivered

Nexus - Benefits Delivered

Why Use Nexus?

Key Features

  • Fact-based approach to TOM

Key Deliverables

  • Operations seen as having a proven track record of delivering ROI and upper quartile performance
  • The ability to focus investment in waste elimination, GUI & RPA, and correspondence material that delivers ROI to all stakeholders
  • Reduce call volumes and handling times
  • Reduction of transactional costs
  • Reduction in FTE
  • Increased efficiency and reduced operational cost in both back & front-office operations
  • Reduced call volume
  • Decreased abandonment rate
  • Reduction of waste in operations
  • Reduction in transactional costs

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