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Nexus - Proof of Concept (POC): Investment Guaranteed

By far, the most compelling reason for commissioning a POC is the ability to prove the more significant business case with the return on investment guaranteed. In practice this means the initiative pays for itself and removes the risk; we regularly achieve the 100% ROI milestone within the initial months.

This is an example of our typical POC for 30 Full-Time Employees (FTE) with an implementation fee that is guaranteed to be 100% ROI.

  • Targeted 20% capacity benefits
  • 30 FTE scope area for implementation over a 12-week period
  • 100% Return On Investment (ROI) Guaranteed
  • Phase 1 - Software Implementation benefits materialised from week 6
  • Phase 2 - Management Practices & Principles benefits materialised by week 12
  • Waste elimination Identified for separate next phase

Implementation is achieved within 12 weeks – significantly quicker than alternative options.

Standard implementation timescales and deliverables are shown in the detail below.

A Nexus POC is contracted with an ROI guarantee to enable an operation to prove the business case for larger-scale implementation.

Starting Point

During a site visit, we look at essential functions, observing processes, current measurements and metrics and talk with both Managers and staff. The insight gathered provides the visibility to evaluate your existing operational model and assess opportunities for service and efficiency improvements. This enables us to confirm in advance the targeted benefits and value-added created from a Nexus Implementation, build a solution model and approach and calculate return on investment. This is a light-touch approach, that has offsite and onsite interaction.

Timescale Deliverables
Prior to implementationInitial discussions with senior management to finalise and agree on the scope of the pilot teams and agree on terms of reference, T&Cs and the communication and engagement plan.Finalise and agree on financial fee and profile of the POC and guarantee assurance triggers.
Weeks 1-6Phase 1- Software implementation is completed we undertake analysis of the tasks and processes (using a Measure, Understand and Control framework).Benefits will be progressively noticeable from week 4 onwards and we will materialise the first level benefits by week 6.
Weeks 7-12Phase 2 - Implementation of Management Practices & Principles deployment of Quality Framework for high volume processes. Waste elimination opportunities delivered by robotics, business process reengineering and Lean methodology for key processes.

Summary of Benefits

dhp’s solution provides many benefits, including the following: 

  • Guaranteed 100% ROI (refer to details below)
  • Visibility of performance of people and processes with consistent definitions and calculations
  • Transparency and insight into hidden data for Customer, task, process, quality, rework, and root cause
  • Improved service delivery - efficiency, accuracy and quality will all be enhanced
  • Reduced volumes of rework, and bottlenecks and a move to Next Day Processing
  • Creation of key SLA and where they are in place Actual achievement against SLA’s will improve
  • Substantially improved communication, connection and engagement with staff
  • Maximises return on overhead costs (buildings and space) by improving productivity per person. Particularly useful if generating capacity for growth

How the ROI Guarantee Works 

Target 20% capacity generation or FTE reduction. 

  • Assume the average annual cost of a typical employee plus related overheads is £25k
  • The pilot starts with 30 FTE and the target is 20% benefit realisation  i.e. 6 FTE materialised benefits within 12 weeks of the implementation being completed
  • Savings from 6 FTE  equate to £150k (6 x £25k)
  • Implementation cost is £150k. In the event that headcount reduction achieved is lower then the corresponding fee will be reduced

Note that dhp has achieved in excess of a 20% reduction for ALL of their clients and engagement over 250 FTE scope routinely deliver an ROI of 1:2 or more.

Why dhp - Capability and Reputation

  • dhp already have proven software and use experienced consultants who have carried out this work many times before.
  • dhp benchmark against best in class to deliver maximum savings
  • dhp provides a success guarantee, we have done this before, and we are highly confident in our ability to achieve the results, our fee is dependant on it.
  • Our software is the go-to choice for large established companies including AIG, Capita, Aviva, Phoenix and large scale Pension Providers; they trust dhp.
  • Our software is versatile Teachers Pensions, NHS England and Finance and Accounting teams have chosen Nexus.
    Majority of clients have used dhp several times. The extent of benefits generated by the system resulted in a decision to deploy in other offices within the group - Capita has used the service seven times and Cigna 4 times

What do you aspire to achieve?

Leading Service Provider companies have commissioned dhp to help them become best in class. In each case, they have committed to achieving a transformation in the back office to obtain a valuable result.

Common themes our clients have aspired to achieve:

  • Driving growth and need capacity, so that premiums increases but cost don’t lift in line – the business plan requires more for the same or less?
  • Need capacity or prove the concept for other value adding work in the business but doesn’t have the budget?
  • Recover a distressed bottom line profit or service degradation or both and limited capability or tools to gain traction and improve at speed?
  • Limited investment historically in middle management in terms of tools, skills and capability training ?
  • Recognition there are inefficient and ill-defined processes creating waste and poor customer journey and need transparency and insight to identify and implement RPA & AI solutions and deliver ROI

The next step is to request more information that would be helpful for your evaluation or to book an initial call where you can talk through your objectives.

Would you be prepared to commit £150K to a POC that will deliver 100% ROI (money back) in 12 weeks and security in knowing that this initiative for the back office will be the catalyst for unlocking lasting benefit, how many investments are delivering this?

David Scott
Carryl Peach
Sarah Ellis
Chris Marlow

Request Additional Resources

If you need specific details or require a detailed case study for your current situation it is highly likely we can provide the reference you require.

Please detail the information that would be helpful to progress with your evaluation when you complete the request.

Book an call with David Scott

During an initial call I can share how other clients have used a POC to provide a wider business case.

With further insight into your objectives I can provide the option to be introduced to a client who has completed the process.

About dhp

Our unique approach fuses industry-leading software with proven management behaviours and frameworks to create the foundations needed to make a quantum leap in Operational Performance. We enable Operational leaders to unlock efficiencies whilst improving overall customer experience, aligning to regulatory compliance and achieving sustainable, profitable growth.

We have an extensive track record of successful delivery for leading companies, savings achieved are in excess of £100m.

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