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How Leading CEOs, COOs and CFOs Become Best in Class

Understand how leading CEOs, COOs and CFOs made significant improvements in customer experience and operational cost reduction.

Although significant investment and resources are deployed in acquiring and retaining customers, this is becoming increasingly more difficult. Many factors have combined to create severe challenges, including changing customer behaviours, the rapid adoption of technology new regulation. Responding to these challenges also impacts on budgets, which creates tighter margins.

To compete effectively in this changing environment, significant changes have to be made to traditional customer service models.

Leading Service Provider companies have commissioned dhp to help them become best in class. In each case, they have committed to achieving a transformation in the back office to obtain a valuable result.

Common themes our clients have aspired to achieve:

  • Driving growth and need capacity, so that premiums increases but cost don’t lift inline – the business plan requires more for the same or less?
  • Need capacity or prove the concept for other value adding work in the business but doesn’t have the budget?
  • Recover a distressed bottom line profit or service degradation or both and limited capability or tools to gain traction and improve at speed?
  • Limited investment historically in middle management in terms of tools, skills and capability training ?
  • Recognition there are inefficient and ill-defined processes creating waste and poor customer journey and need transparency and insight to identify and implement RPA & AI solutions and deliver ROI

Some operations have already started on a journey to transform their business model. However, developments are often focused on digitally transforming how customers interact with the front office, with less consideration of the back office transformation. Yet It’s the back office rather than the front office that will play the pivotal role in creating service differentiation in the future. The back office represents the largest opportunity to achieve both a reduction in costs and gain significant improvements in the customer experience. Utility providers that can create the transformation in their back office will inevitably stand out from the crowd.

Diagnostics overview for an evidenced business case

Overview of how diagnostics help to gather and verify the evidence for a business case.

Obtaining an insight into the process can help to protect reputation, gain company-wide buy-in and build confidence in the proposed changes. This overview includes the following:

  • An interview with an MD who has used diagnostics to achieve consistent improvement
  • Diagnostic brochure
  • Diagnostic outputs
  • Case study
  • Opportunity to book a meeting with a client and discuss the approach
  • How limited seed money investment can deliver transparency, insight and size the opportunity potential

How a 30 FTE Proof of Concept can guarantee targeted benefits and 100% ROI

This resource explains the first phase in achieving significant change - how using a pilot or proof of concept (POC) implementation on a small scale (30 FTE’s) can prove the larger business case. POCs provide:

  • An easy, no-risk first step that safe-guards an investment
  • Development of trust and commitment at board level and removes reputational risk
  • Targeted benefits and 100% ROI guaranteed
  • POC – how we deliver the guarantee
  • A typical example of the financials
  • Case study
  • Opportunity to book a meeting with a client and discuss the approach

Find out how others have approached the challenge to implement change…

These resources provide information on how to build evidence-based business cases that will develop support and win investment. They provide insight from leading CEOs, COOs and CFOs for obtaining investment sign off for improving operations.

Using the correct approach will not only pave the way for implementation but also protect the reputation and build credibility for the C-Suite stakeholders.

About dhp

Our unique approach fuses industry-leading software with proven management behaviours and frameworks to create the foundations needed to make a quantum leap in Operational Performance. We enable Operational leaders to unlock efficiencies whilst improving overall customer experience, aligning to regulatory compliance and achieving sustainable, profitable growth.

We have an extensive track record of successful delivery for leading companies, savings achieved are in excess of £100m.

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