How rule engines reduce quality issues and backlogs from skills deficits

How rule engines reduce quality issues and backlogs from skills deficits

It’s common for operations to face quality and service issues due to complex, low volume tasks that require high skill levels due to product variations or versions. With a small number of employees having the skills and experience to complete these tasks they cause bottlenecks resulting in slow service and poor customer experience. In an effort to reduce backlog employees without the necessary skills and experience often attempt these tasks. Task completion time is slow, and work is often incorrect resulting in rework and a poor experience for the customer.

The solution

Until recently there has been no solution to this issue. However with major advancements in workforce management software there is now the ability to empower employees with the skills and experience they need to complete these highly variable and complex tasks.

The most advanced workforce management software solutions now come with customisable process rule engines. These engines effectively give you a dedicated trainer for every staff member in your operation ensuring all work is completed correctly regardless of complexity, product or service variation.

Rule engines are ideally suited to complex administration tasks where there are high amounts of variation and manual intervention. Rule engines enable your operation to gain greater control over these procedures and simplify the processes.

Software rule engines drastically reduce dependency on your experienced and higher skilled staff members. With software enabling even the most complex tasks to be carried out by anyone in your operation by assisting them with the completion of the work. Enabling your managers to balance their resources and make better use of them.

The more dynamic workforce management software solutions can automate many of the processes associated with these complicated tasks like letters or other outputs such as audit reports.

Software flexibility

Depending on the flexibility of your work measurement software, you can create rules for almost any difficult task or process in your operation. With a clear set of rule-based steps for every employee to follow, regardless of complexity you can ensure every task is done right first time.

The result of a software rule engine being implemented in an operation is significantly less risk and improved quality. With reduced errors, compliance and regulatory issues, you have much lower levels of rework, saving vast amounts of time and significantly improving service delivery. You also reduce skills dependency and training time yet deliver improved performance.

Implementing a rules-based software engine has a significant impact on an operation. The cumulative effect reduces operational costs in multiple areas and most importantly makes for a better experience for your customer with consistent, high-level service delivery even on the most challenging of tasks.

A typical scenario where a rules based engine solves multiple problems for a large pension provider

Offshore old pensions products – Executive, SASS Income drawdown

Low volume portfolio that previously had more inforce however due to regulation changes are starting to require more information and maturing (claim)

The offshore operations have a large number of FTE’s with a fractured working structure. High volumes of new work coming in mean there are backlogs and numerous quality issues due to skills deficits resulting in rework.

Offshore high amounts of FTE with narrow skills and attrition mean they have more FTE than expected with checking and authorisation onshore (small retained levels)

Pain to the process – elongated, long cycle times errors due to the different versions and associated elements.

The operation needed a solution to consolidate resources. With skills lost on shore and what was left there wasn’t enough resource to cover if repatriated.

Built rules engines – specific to the version being processed and had the audit element

Cost savings from Offshore even with labour costs
Improved service
De risked – compliance sign off
Quality significantly improved and rework reduced

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