Customer Experience Manager

  • Gain visibility and insight of end-to-end journey for key customer processes.
  • Increase understanding of the customer experience through real-time, end-to-end measurement
  • Understand upstream and downstream impact touches
  • Understand reasons for elapsed cycle time
  • Know where to place T&L for maximum impact
  • Measure ROI
  • Access multi-channel customer journey analysis
  • Shape the company agenda through deeper insight and clarity

Finance Director

  • Gain more capacity from existing resources
  • Reduce cost without compromising service delivery or customer experience
  • Gain rapid ROI typically within 6 months and then increase this by 5x to 10x in the next 5 years
  • Evidence operational efficiencies and upper quartile expense performance
  • Utilise activity-based costing with the ability to slice and dice across any given site, team, process or activity
  • Gain insight into cost per transaction
  • Become leaner and encourage repatriation through increased control and skills utilisation


  • Be able to answer when the board asks, ‘Are you fit for profitable growth?’
  • Access a dashboard of IBP metrics that evidence operations delivery across a balanced set of metrics
  • Ensure your operation is gaining competitive advantage
  • Ensure your TOM and operational strategy is correct for now and for the future

Operations Director & Head of Department

  • Benchmark sites, functional areas, teams and process best practice
  • Access a dashboard of key metrics aligned to industry best practice that benchmark consistently across geographical area
  • Enable accountability and trust within teams through transparency
  • Be seen as being in control by peers in other divisions that rely on your operation
  • Plan resource requirement through intelligent forecasting based on accurate, current and predictive future demand capture
  • Eliminate failure demand through end-to-end process tough reporting, resulting in reduced end-to-end transaction processing times and unnecessary chaser demand

Business Leader

  • Promote real-time visibility of SLA performance by site, team, product and process
  • Increase productivity and efficiency whilst improving service delivery
  • Understand what drives multiple touchpoints in a process, upstream and downstream
  • Load-balance capacity management through effective daily, weekly and monthly forecasting
  • Access a single view of all work channels, turning items into hours

Team Manager

  • Prioritise in real-time based on available time and skills
  • Access skills-based automated allocation and prioritisation
  • Access RBA quality checking and sampling selected by algorithms
  • Celebrate success and motivate the team through visual communications and engagement
  • Promote reward and recognition based on consistent key performance indicators
  • Improve time management and contribution of team members
  • Stop staff members cherry-picking and manipulating performance stats

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